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Financial support for refugees from Ukraine

Many Ukrainians have fled their country because of the war. These people are being taken in and offered support by various European countries. In the Drechtsteden cluster, too, we are offering accommodation, at various municipal reception centres and with host families. We help these refugees by providing the basic necessities and financial support. Drechtsteden social services is implementing the ‘living allowance scheme’ on behalf of the seven municipalities in the Drechtsteden cluster. 

What is needed to be able to apply for the living allowance?

A number of things are needed to be able to apply for the living allowance:

The person applying must have a recognised, valid proof of ID like an identity card or passport. 

They need to be registered in the local Personal Records Database (BRP). 

They need to have an IBAN bank account. 

You will find more information about this in the frequently asked questions and answers (at the bottom of this news item). In the questions and answers you’ll find what is considered valid proof of ID, how to get your details registered in the local Personal Records Database (BRP), and how to open an IBAN bank account.

What does the living allowance scheme involve?

People who have fled their homes in Ukraine are entitled to receive a monthly allowance during their temporary stay in the Netherlands. This allowance is based on a national scheme, which sets a monthly allowance for food, clothing and other personal expenses. The amount for food is €205 per person per month*. For clothing and other personal expenses this is €55 per person per month. A third component for housing, which applies to a person living with a host family, is €215 per month for an adult and €55 per month for a minor child. 

*Depending on the facilities at the municipal reception centre, the living allowance can also be paid fully or partly ‘in kind’, that’s to say through the provision of meals instead of money. Some of these reception centres do not have the facilities for people to cook for themselves, for example. In those cases, meals are provided and people do not receive the food component of the living allowance.

Mobile social service team

A team from Drechtsteden social services will be doing the rounds of the various reception centres to help residents apply for the living allowance. Agreements are made with the seven municipalities about the times and locations of the visits. 

To apply for the living allowance, a refugee must have a recognised, valid proof of ID, be registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) and have an IBAN bank account. 

Living with a host family

Refugees from Ukraine are also being welcomed into the private homes of host families. These refugees can report to the local authorities (city/town hall) where the staff will check whether this person is registered in the Personal Record Database (BRP) and request this if necessary. They also provide information about the living allowance scheme.


If you have any questions about the living allowance scheme, it’s possible these have already been answered in our frequently asked questions (and answers), which you will find by clicking the link below. If your question is not answered there, please contact Drechtsteden social services.

Questions and answers about the living allowance scheme

PDF-bestandClick here to read frequently asked questions (and answers) regarding the financial support for refugees from Ukraine